We have finished CALL lesson. At the beginning of the lesson l was worried about what l will do tasks in this lesson. As long as time passes tasks started to give me pleasure. 🙂     Untill this lesson l was not interesred in the world of Computers. l used to never understand the thing take place in the computer. l nevee sed to think that l will like this lesson in the end. l have had much information about some useful programs that l an use int the future at my school for mys students. To take this lesso at the fourth year is a mistake because information the students will obtain in this lesson  can make the projects of the students easy so was late to study this lesson in the fourth year so we are unlucky because of this. Especially CALL will supply me at the times l can not reach at all my students at the same time. l see that this course has so many advantages to study my courses in a funny way with my students in the future. Certainly and certainly all people whever they are in which deparment (it does not matter) they should take this course. Thanks to thiscourse l liked the technology. My sight for this course at the beginning of the lesso is completely changed l can say.

For his contrubitions l thank so much to Mr. Sedat AKAYOĞLU…

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Mr. Sedat AKAYOĞLU said we will not do our final projects in Prezi. l became very happy to hear this:). This program is more preferable then Prezi. At the same time we will have our personal website. l have no idea it is difficult or easy. We wil share some information abpout use here. We can communicate with some people about the topics we share in this site. We have learned second life web page. lt is classroom life on line.  People can create a classroom environment to the conditions they determine themselves. This webpage is very enjoyful to my mind.

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Podcast and Audiboo…

This week l have learned podcasts.Podcats are very useful for listening skill. We can download them in our mobile phones and then we can use them again and again whenever we want to use. There are four types of podcasts: Authentic,teacher,student and educator podcasts. 

There is alsı Audioboo program. lt is radio program. We will recrs a sound to this site or load sound here. l think it very east…

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Story jumper and Movie maker…

The topic we have talked about is ver funny for me. l have seen digital storytelling before and l liked it so much then,also. for the firs time l have prapared digital stoey book in my life. l have hesitated how to do it at the begiining of the coursei but l saw that it really very easy at the same time very funny. These two programms are easy for everybody can use them. ther is a didderebce between movie maker and story jumper that the net connection is neccesarry for storyjumper. ln story jumper site you can adapt photos or images how you want. lt is big advantage to make a story book aspect of materials’ location. 

l can say that the topic this week l liked much more than others in prevous weeks…

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Facebook and Twitter

In this week I have seen two things that l have heard them already. l have not seen any difference between facebook and twitter,but if l have to say a difference for these two sites again l can cay that twitter is for writing. l perefer to use facebook. the thing can be useful if they are written to inform someonelse. People usually share their routine daily activities in these site and this point makes me bored really. Like in everything if they are used for a purpose l can use them passionately and willingly. 

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Eight week: WizIQ

WizIQ is an online learning platform. The site is designed to help students and teachers find each other, and to provide an online virtual classroom learning environment.WizIQ also serves as a social networking site to bring together educators and students from around the world.It is free and enjoyable. When the students have missed the lesson they can have  a opportunity to study it again. While usuing wizi we do not have to be in the same place.. Even if we are in diiferent paces and diiferent times we can comunicate each other. we can work on the same project at the same time.

 This website is useful both for teachers and students. l can use it in the future for my students to give extra lesson.                                                                                                                                   

                                                                                                                  April 22, 2013            

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Nicenet and Dokeos

       In seventh week, l have learnt two websites that can be useful especially for large classes and shy students. Via these two program that  the one of them is Nicenet has an advantage a teacher can present any topic here and want the students to comment here about the topic so that they can write and read something in this program.

I      n Dokeos site wcam exam our student, we can give a topic them to talk about itor we can give quizes. To do all of these in this site is a big opportunity both for the teacher and the students l think.

     Thanks to these two websites to teach the lesson will be much more enjoyable for students. These will create online classrooms for students can communicate, comment, chat, study,chat, exam or enjoy each other. Sometimes real clasroom atmosphere may not be funny for all sudents. Today so many students  arond the world are interested in technology espeaciialy computers and the internet so if we teachers use their this interest as an advantage, the lessons will be much more effective for our students and us l believe.

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